Real Estate Beacons

In-context advertising helping Buyers, Renters, and Real Estate Brokers come together to close deals.


Couple browsing for their new home on the over the weekend:
”I wonder what they are asking for this property? Let’s call...”


After a few uneventful calls:
”Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait until Monday!”


Monday morning at the Realtor’s office:
”Oh no... not another browsing call about the asking price...”

How Does It Work?


The REB beacon is small Bluetooth device that broadcasts your web page with the listing information directly to clients’ phones nearby.


Shoppers can access relevant data on the property like nearby schools and ratings, bank locations, and hospitals without having to “google” all that information separately.

Physical Web

We use the latest in Google Physical Web technology. To find out more click here.


The beacon device can be integrated with any of your existing property signs and reused accordingly.


Saves both the agent and client valuable time by consolidating information. Creating more qualified inbound calls for the realtor.


No dialing or “Googling” for information. The REB beacon broadcasts the web page instantly to customers nearby.


By access

$ 0.25 or 0,30 CAN$


$ 10.00 or 12,00 CAN$

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