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Panel Interactive - Beacon technology solutions
Beacon technology solutions How can we assist you?

Native Apps

Offers a wide range of accessibility options for the visually or audibly impaired. Environmental context notifications displayed in real time. Innovative solutions for tradeshows and conferences.

Physical Web

Mobile commerce advertising with no apps to install.
Excellent for art expos and cultural fairs.
Utilizes Google Chrome to broadcast notifications.

Sales Boards

Interactive Sales pitch for products, services, and real estate listings broadcast to a targeted audience.
No Apps to install.
Utilizes Physical Web technology.

Smart Panels

Personalized LCD advertising panels with targeted options.
Displays tailored content for real time interaction.

Native Apps

Accessibility aids for the visually and hearing impaired:

  Allows people with certain handicap issues to interact with their surroundings like never before via sound, tactile, and/or visual notifications from a mobile device. As the person approaches a sign, art installation, or handicap guidance information, the beacon will broadcast the information in the manner best suited for the person. A hearing impaired person would receive visual text or images, whereas a visually impaired person would received audible guidance. This technology has the potential to greatly improve the quality of life for the handicapped by offering them a whole new range of independence and interaction with the world.  

Indoor Navigation:

  Create interactive maps for various type of locations highlighting location for specific items. The information shared can also include offers for services or aid products based on the person’s preferences.

Contextual notifications in real time:

  Offers the ability to map out experiences in real time and based on geospatial information and individual preferences. Allows for highly tailored content to be delivered at the appropriate time based on previous connections.

Physical Web

No App to install:

Physical Web utilizes Bluetooth technology to broadcast URLs to nearby mobile devices from certain objects. Your product, service ad, or event information will leap directly onto the client’s screen. All without ever having to install an App.

Mobile commerce:

ComScore statistics show that online sales on mobile devices increase by 30% each year. Physical Web will take your potential customer directly to your site seamlessly. The ease and convenience this provides will greatly increase your reach and sales conversion rates.


Exhibitions, Fairs and Cultural expos:

Product information and offers can be broadcast to mobile devices as a person approaches a booth at a fair or trade show, allowing for greater efficiency. The same seamless interaction can occur in a museum or art exhibit, where all sorts information can be broadcast to the patron. Physical Web gives inanimate objects the ability to interact with the public, allowing for unlimited communication possibilities.

Uses Google Chrome to send notifications:

Physical Web is available through Google Chrome on mobile devices running Android 4.4 and above, and iOS. A simple re-configuration in settings will allow you to receive Physical Web notifications on your device. Instructions on how to configure Physical Web on your specific device are provided in the link below.

Sales Boards Beacon

Interactive banners and ads broadcast to mobile devices:

  Beacons are small Bluetooth devices that broadcast URLs advertising a wide variety of products and services. Ideal for high traffic situations like auto show rooms, shopping malls, real estate listings, and even billboards. They act as the intermediary between store shelves, services, and the public at large.  

Utilizes Physical Web principles:

Increase sales efficiency with instant broadcasting of detailed product information and availability as your customer approaches.

To view products utilizing this technology check out:


Smart Panels

Personalized advertising with interactive LCD panels:

    An innovative media modality allowing for real time interaction between customers and ad panels. Your customers will be delighted and surprised when they see the ad interacting with them specifically.

Targeted content based on client interests:

Our busy lives with daily routine can sometimes inhibit us from obtaining all relevant information on a product or service. Smart Panels’ content will interact with the client based on client preferences and search history, allowing for a highly individualized experience. By offering your product or service to a wide range of clients in a non-standard setting, you are literally “going out of your way” to meet client needs.

Activating Physical Web on your device

Activate this feature on Google Chrome to open up a world of interactive possibilities.
  1. Verify that Bluetooth and location services are turned on for the device.
  2. Open google Chrome Preferences – Privacy settings
  3. Activate Physical Web option.
Android 6.0 and later- After activating location services, a window will open to show physical web option in case there are URLs in the region.
  1. Enable device’s Bluetooth;
  2. Access the widgets panel (swipe left when you were in Home screen)
  3. At the end of the screen click on “Edit” option;
  4. On this screen you can check the options that are in the “Do not include”, click in the Chrome tool so that it can be included;
  5. Click “Done”;
  6. Move Chrome to the top;
  7. Tap in OK button;
  8. Lock your phone and unlock it;
  9. Access widgets area and tap ‘OK, I got it.’ in Chrome widget
  10. Done! You will see the beacons near by you.

Are you interested?

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